You must have been seen lots of media production companies claiming to be the best Brand Storytelling Video Production in San Diego. The same Illuminate media production claims! We out-stand others because we not only run a business to fill up bags with gold coins. It’s about earning the trust and contentment that comes when you serve the best to others! When you hold hands and push them up from the ground and see flying high in the sky! That internal happiness is what Illuminate media production holds dear to the heart. 

The best of bet way we find was to help people in telling out their brand’s stories in the best way by producing videos in San Diego that touches to hearts and souls of people regardless of their different perspectives, culture, linguistics, and religion! Everything hinders two people from coming closer and building trust. 

Illuminate media production peels off every inch of your story to reach the golden seed; the actual idea. WE HARVEST that golden seed provides the most favourable environment, considering all vital factors. So, YOU can REAP the ample juicy fruits. 

For achieving this goal, we capture and tell you the brand’s story with the best cinematography, digital storytelling strategies, and advanced technologies align with energetic, creative teamwork. At illuminate Media Production San Diego, we not only offer Brand Storytelling Video Production San Diego, we also offer Custom Video Production San Diego, Social Media Video Ads San Diego, and Testimonial Video Production services in San Diego.

8 Worthy Video Types of Brand Story

Illuminate media productions have all math on the services while offering brand storytelling video production services in San Diego. Affirmatively, we understand it’s the right of our customers to have a brief picture of how and why their brand story is being treated with a particular process of video making.

1- Branded Content Videos

In this brand storytelling, it is not a brand speaking of itself but praising its potential consumers. The brand storytelling videos have your brand’s voice but speaks loud about the consumers than itself. In this way, Illuminate Media Production creates an emotional, empathetic connection between you and your brand. 

2- Introduction Videos

For creating a brand’s introduction, you have to be extra observant and precisely expressive. Your brand’s introduction video should be simple, but not in a conventional style and basic. Instead, it should think-provoking. Introductory brand storytelling must speak hearts of your potential clients. They should know your brand understands them, thus offering the ideal solution to their problems.

3- Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Behind the Scene (BTS) Videos are one of the most effective high-converting lead brand storytelling video categories. In this type of video production, we capture and collect glimpses of the struggle you are doing. It shows your commitment to yourself, your business, and your customers. Eventually, win the trust of your customers within no time. 

4- B2B Videos

In San Diego, at illuminate Media Production, we offer B2B Video Production Services. Depending on the nature, requirement, and business strategy, B2B videos can prove to be a game changer for your brand. B2B videos are a bridge between two businesses describing how the cooperation of both parties can reap symbiotic perks.

5- B2C Videos

In San Diego, at illuminate Media Production, we offer B2C Video Production Services. Every other company alike yours is trying hard to convince potential customers that their company is the best. Amid all this hassle, you have to be exceptionally outstanding, the others proving your uniqueness. Here we play our role, expressing your uniqueness over other similar business brands. 

6- Promotional videos

The best promotional videos are those that compel an audience to take initiative. At Illuminate Media Production, we offer best Promotional Video Production Services in San Diego. Promotional videos must provoke curiosity and excitement in the audience, persuading them to try and test your product.  

7- Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos are sensitive to deal one must nail it properly or one will lose its brand voice and vision. It explains what your business believes in. And how all team members work under one umbrella with diversity holding up the same beliefs and dedication. In San Diego, Illuminate Media Production offers exceptional Video Production services to project culture of a company.  

8- Client Testimonial Videos

Client Testimonial videos are a powerful tool for businesses, as they allow you to demonstrate the value and benefits of your products and services from a customer’s perspective. By featuring satisfied customers in your video, you can boost your ROI by increasing your credibility and trustworthiness with potential customers, which can help you close more deals and shorten your sales cycle. We are one of the best Testimonial video production companies in San Diego.

Building A Story Brand With A Concrete Framework

Behind every successful brand story is a concrete framework. Amid the hows, whys and whats opting for the brand story framework is a wise decision. Donald miller comes up with the most effective framework in his book Building a Story brand. He introduces a quite comprehensive framework of story brands.

 According to his book, concrete brand storytelling contains these 7 elements:

1- The brand’s story must revolve around a hero (customer)

The first part of brand storytelling video production is a “Hero”. Everyone loves when you appreciate someone’s struggles. The framework also works on the same principle. Here, making your customer a hero creates the impact that you understand and value them. It creates a sense of connection.

2- The hero must have countless obstacles

Every hero is a hero because he dares to fight seen and unseen obstacles in the quest for what he wants. He never gives up and always searches for a solution.

3- A miraculous bumping into a guide

 Here comes a side character (your brand) with lots of positivity and a long-awaited solution (plan) to the hero’s problem.

4- A guide handover a miracle (your product)

 The guide brings up a solution to wipe out all his obstacles. Ultimately resulting in a peaceful life hero longing for achieving what he wants without worrying about any risks, disasters, and fraudulence.  

5- Finally, the hero achieves what he wants (problem resolved using your brand)

According to the plan, the hero achieves his goal because it is the story around which all the struggle is happening. so it is also the main part of brand storytelling video production. Once he achieves this, his trust develops in the guide and the solution he gave him. He knows the worth and authenticity of the guide.

6- The happy ending of the hero

Hero is happy because he achieves his goal (desired result) after struggling and striving hard for what he believes in.

7- Reminds the hero why the guide (your brand) is important to him

However, though it is the hero’s happy ending, a guide should appear again, celebrating his success and reminding the importance of the plan. Also, giving him confidence, happiness or success can multiply more with the help of the guide.

This step is actually a call to action. It should be crystal clear that you want your customers to be attached permanently. Either by inviting them to give feedback form, a free e-mail subscription, a contact form, etc.

Why Illuminate Media Production is A Top-Notch Brand Storytelling Video Production In San Diego ? 

Creative Approach

To commence the process we need to dig out the raw mission of your brand. Our creative team members will do open-ended question-answer sessions with you. So we can come up with the best video approach with an innovative idea to display your brand.

Precise Brand Note

We stay precise and suggest the same for our customers. It’s best to communicate your message in the clearest way possible. For this, we review your brand’s mission and vision. Our critical strategists would help you focus on your brand message while filming it. 

Film Production

We are the renowned brand storytelling video production company In San Diego for a reason! We have hands-on experience in creating many brand story videos. You can blindly trust us in building up your brand reputation. We assure you, our creative thinkers come up with the story script and cinematography, catching up with the target audience within 3 seconds. Not only seek attention but drag them to CTA as well.  

Long-term partnership

At illuminate Media, when we shake hands with you as your production partners, we mean it. We are not the ones who look at your brand as a golden egg hen; do the task, take the golden egg and disappear. We are the best brand storytelling video production service provider in San Diego. We will always be with you, facilitating your business ideas and editing the strategies. We love to stay connected with our clients for projects in the future. Your success is our success! 

Ready to Steal The Show Through Your Brand Storytelling?

Book a call or shoot us an e-mail to illuminate Media so we can get the pleasure of serving you, producing the best brand storytelling video for you with our mind-blowing team. Your blockbuster brand storytelling video is just a click away! At illuminate Media Production San Diego, we also offer Custom Video Production San Diego, Social Media Video Ads San Diego, and Testimonial Video Production services in San Diego.