Brand Stories

Brand Stories

A high-impact brand video specifically designed to educate, empower and convert ideal customers faster and easier without the elevator pitch.Β 

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A powerful video asset that every business needs.

A brand story video highlights the most powerful elements of your business into a 2-3 minute video that can be seen by anyone, anywhere on any device. This single video asset is one of the most powerful marketing tactics for small-to-medium sized businesses.

You have a unique story meant to be shared with the world.

A whopping 90% of consumers say that video can help them make purchasing decisions. Brand stories are used to educate the customer and move them off the fence, towards your desired outcome.
How can this asset help my business?
Brand story videos are designed to:‍
πŸ’¬ Explain your product/service perfectly
β€πŸ€ Build trust with potential customers
πŸ” Establish credibility, value and principles
⏰ Save you time pre-qualifying customers
πŸ“ˆ Increase sales and on-site conversions
Who's the target audience?
This video is highly effective for these audiences:
General public (to gain traction and awareness)
Potential customers (who are still deciding)
New paid customers (who want more details)
Existing customers (who want to share your story)
Internally (during hiring, onboarding, training)
Use a brand story video in:
Your website homepage
Your 'About Us' page
Your email signature
Your social channels
Your email auto-responders
Your email marketing campaigns
Your Facebook Ads
Your retargeting marketing
How can I properly utilize this video?
Every good marketing campaign should be measured for effectiveness. Luckily, digital video is not only easy to implement, but also measure using various tools depending on your marketing goals, including:
Google Analytics (traffic, bounce rate, conversions)
E-commerce (pre-orders, sales, average order size)
Facebook ads (click-thru, CPA, sales, leads, conversions)
Email signature (clicks-to-leads/purchase)
YouTube (subscribers, engagement)

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